TruckJob FAQs

Updated 6.10.13

1. I have questions, is there someone who can help me 24-hours a day?

The customer service number is available from 9-5 pm Eastern time. Monday-Friday.

2. Will the Customer Service person be able to help me find a job?

The only way to find a job through this site is to send an applocation to the companies listed on it. The customer service line is for handling technical problems, such as a lost password, trouble logging in, or other issues that may arise while using the site.

3. How do I create an account?

You account is created after sending your first application.

4. Why should I create an account?

If you create an account, you can see what jobs you've applied to previously, and your application is saved into our system for your future use. After you send at least one applocation and set up your account, you can log in again later and apply for another job without having to fill in all your information. Your previous application will be available and you can make any changes or adjustments as needed before you click "Finish Application" to send the application to another company

5. Who gets my information?

Only recruiters at the companies that you choose to send it to.

6. What happens if my computer crashes and I am in the middle of applying for a job?

If you have previously applied for a job, re-log in and start over, clicking again on the job/company you want to apply to. The information from your previous application will be there but the application does not get sent until you click on the "Finish Application" button. If this is your first application then you must start over on page one.

7. How do I sign my application?

To sign the application, aim your mouse over the box, click and hold down the mouse as you draw your signature.

8. How do I edit my application?

To update your application, you first have to apply to a new company. The site will then auto fill in what you sent previously, and you can go through each page and make adjustments. You can't make changes to the application that had already been sent, but if you think it has mistakes you can fix it and resend to the same companies you sent it before.

9. How do I post my job listings to your site?

Posting jobs on is easy but requires a log in and password to be assigned to you. To begin the process, send an inquiry to and a representative will be in touch with you.

10. How much does it cost to advertise on your site?

Job posting is available only as a monthly subscription service and begins as low as $450 a month to receive unlimited applications.