Triple Crown

Triple Crown

2720 Dupont Commerce Court suite 200
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Excellent Lease Purchase Programs

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*Average over $1.50 per mile

*Start and end most days at your home terminal

*Triple Crown also offers lease purchase plans where your sign-on bonus can be your down payment.

*Steady Freight

*Mechanical assistance & MUCH MORE

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Company Profile for Triple Crown

Triple Crown Services Company provides bimodal transportation services to customers throughout the eastern, midwestern, and southern United States and Toronto, Canada. Most transportation companies provide truckload and less-than-truckload pickups and deliveries. Some provide intermodal service, picking up and delivering by one source, usually truck, and transporting the trailer or a container on another source, such as on a flatbed rail car or ship. Triple Crown is a bimodal freight carrier and uses RoadRailer? trailers as a trailer and a rail car. Freight is picked up by truck and driven to a Triple Crown terminal where the trailers are mounted on rail wheels, called bogies. The trailers interlock and are suspended slightly above the rails. Assembled RoadRailer? trains then transport the trailers to their destination ramps where they are delivered by truck directly to customers.

Now also hiring for Lease Purchase - contact a recruiter for details!

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