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Owner Operators;


We know you have a lot of choices today.


But we’ve also been around long enough to know that not all things are the same and you need to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples before you select a carrier partner.


Ø  Progressive and Comprehensive Pay Package – We make sure you are fairly compensated for everything you do. And with Watkins you will not have to wait for you money.


Ø  Home Time – As an independent contractor you decide when you run. But you also know that to succeed the wheels have to turn.  We work very hard to put you out on runs that get you the miles you need with reasonable home time.  Most of our dispatches are set up on 5 days out with 2 days at home.  We’ll do our best to find work that fits you.


Ø  Practical Miles – all of our compensation programs are based on Practical Miles.


Ø  Choice of Fleet – depending on your location we have several options for you to choose from.


Ø  Safer Scores – Recent changes connect you to your carrier partner more than ever.  Our safety record is something we take seriously and are very proud of.  We will dispatch you on safe runs that allow you reach your destination safely and well rested.  We run E-Logs for better compliance and transparency.   Please check us out, DOT # 192955.


Ø  Year round business – We have partnerships and agreements with some of Central Florida’s largest businesses.  We can keep you moving year round in lanes that get you the miles you need and the home time you want.


Ø  Support programs – We know what it takes to succeed as an owner operator.  From our office group to sales to operations we plan for you success in everything we do.


Ø  Maintenance -- We have two shops that offer you the opportunity to take care of maintenance issues and generally at a per hour cost well below average.


Ø  Open Door Policy – you can talk to anyone at any time and we encourage it.


Ø  Longevity -  Watkins has been a great place for owner operators since 1932


Ø  Financial Stability – In 2015 we have spent over 15 million on new equipment and over a million on our new facility. We’re consistently investing in our future and yours.




What we’d ask you to do is give us a call.  Tell us what you want today.  What can we offer you that you don’t currently have?


We believe success is a result of hard work.  We pursue success one partnership at a time. We’d like to start today with you.


Call us today at 888-841-3950, email us or visit us on the web @ www.driveforwatkins.com.





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