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Logix Transportation

Intelligent Transportation

3720 Macalaster Dr
Minneapolis, MN 55421

Company Profile for Logix Transportation

Logix: Where the drivers manage and the managers drive.

You’ve been there.  As an owner operator you’ve had countless shipments dumped on you by people with no understanding of what it takes to get them delivered.  Well,  consider this.  The entire Logix organization works by one principle: Nothing is more important than supporting our drivers.  Listening to you, respecting you, supporting you.

You are the front line. You are our product.  Our whole reputation, and our customer’s reputation is riding on you.  You are where the rubber meets the road.  That’s why supporting you is what Logix is all about.

Think Fighter Pilot, with Elite Command Center Support

Logix gets the importance of having a veteran team behind you that constantly monitors where you are, what you are fighting against.  As a fighter pilot is closely tied to his command center, so you will be backed by a hand picked group of experts, intensely focused on helping you hit the target the first time every time.

Each year, our senior management takes to the road for a solo week-long trip, picking up and delivering loads. It helps our managers understand the battle you fight.  Many of us are former drivers ourselves, so we appreciate well-coordinated dispatches, a secure income and the opportunity to establish relationships with our customers. Maybe it seems fundamental to us because we’ve fought the same battles you fight every day, and know what it takes to win them.

We deliver more than our customer’s product.

Our customer’s reputation is riding with us, and the professional, dependable team at Logix takes that responsibility seriously. We’re large enough to be very capable, yet small enough to be completely accountable. At Logix, you will deliver absolute reliability – 24/7.

We put the words Intelligent Transportation on every Logix truck and trailer because these words define who we are and what we do. It all starts with drafting the best players available for key driver positions.  We hire only top professional drivers and treat them as they should be treated — as respected partners. Better yet, our customers do the same.

Logix drivers are respected throughout the industry, and appreciated for the customer service they provide. As a Logix driver, you’ll work with your customers and the Logix support team to:

Our customers are mainly long-term, high expectations leaders who need to know that they can rely on you, every time. If you can’t remember the last time you saw a smile on the receiving manager’s face, you will with Logix.

Ready to be entrusted with America’s most valuable manufactured products?

Think you have what it takes to haul multi-million dollar medical devices, specialized equipment and machinery? Do you have the solid driving and professional record to prove it? If so, we want to talk to you. 

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